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This Site is part of the ‘Eurokent’ land allocation within Thanet District Council’s Local Plan. This means that the Council have formally identified that the site could come forward, in principle, for a residential-led development.

The Site is divided by the A256 New Haine Road which runs broadly North to South and is approximately 3 miles North West of Ramsgate Town Centre. The Westwood Cross Shopping Centre is located to the North of the site and provides retail, leisure and office facilities. To the East is Jacky Bakers Sports Ground, the Marlowe Academy secondary school and Laleham Gap SEN school. The Eurokent Business Park is located to the South of the site.

The Site, and wider allocation area, were also subject to a now expired planning consent, approved on the 29th October 2014 for up to 550 dwellings, up to 63,000m² of business floorspace, a local centre comprising of convenience retail, community centre, healthcare facilities and associated highway works.

Showing red line boundary of the planning application area, looking North East to Haine Road and New Haine Road


We intend to submit a ‘Hybrid’ planning application which comprises two elements: a ‘’Full’ and an ‘Outline’ element.

The Full element of our proposed application will cover the first phase of development on the Site and will include extensive details such as; the exact number of homes proposed, the layout, size, tenure and type of homes proposed, the location and amount of car and cycle parking spaces, the specific building materials and details of the design, planting and maintenance of landscaped areas.

The Outline element of our proposed application will be submitted for the remainder of the Site and will establish the development parameters and principles. Put simply, this means that plans will specify the broad locations for new buildings, establish the maximum number of new homes and the minimum amount of green space that will be delivered. It will also show locations for  pedestrian and vehicle access and determine maximum heights of buildings.  It will leave all finer details such as; appearance, landscaping and layout for approval at a later date, subject to a ‘Reserved Matters’ approval. 

Submitting an application in this way will enable us to deliver the Full or detailed phase at pace, assisting the Council in meeting its housing targets. Further phases can then be delivered at a later date and will require further public consultation on a detailed design to be assessed by the Council as, and when it is ready to come forward. Our application will be guided by Thanet District Council’s Policy and other relevant design guidelines approved by the Council.

Illustrative Masterplan

An illustrative masterplan has been prepared for the entirety of the Site to demonstrate how development could be delivered in line with the expectations set out by the Council in its Local Plan and the parameters confirmed acceptable in the previous planning consent on the Site in 2016 which established clear pedestrian, road, public open space and block principles. The areas of the proposed Full and Outline elements are indicated below:

Illustrative Masterplan
Masterplan for Whole Site (click to enlarge)

The illustrative masterplan defines detailed and broad locations for up to 471 new homes, to include a range of house types and sizes suitable for first-time buyers, families and people looking to downsize or upsize. Vehicular access into the development is achieved from existing road infrastructure from New Haine Road, with additional pedestrian and cycle access from New Haine Road, Haine Road and Jacky Bakers Sports Ground. No vehicular access is to be proposed from Haine Road into the development.

As detailed on the masterplan, a key element of the scheme is a significant new East-West landscaped parkway which provides a new recreational link between Haine Road, New Haine Road and Jackey Bakers Sports Ground. This space will perform multiple functions in terms of providing amenity space, surface water drainage, play and ecological enhancements. In addition, other areas of public and private green space are provided throughout the development. Further information on this is provided in the Landscape section below.

Existing landscape features, such as boundary vegetation, are also to be retained and enhanced with areas of indicative landscaping identified within and around the development parcels.

The masterplan also identifies other potential areas for future development, sitting outside of this application but within the wider Council Local Plan allocation.

Proposed Site Plan for the Full Element of the Application

Full Element Plan
Click to Enlarge

The Full or detailed element of our application, covering the first phase of development on the Site, is anticipated to deliver:

  • 175 homes made up of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, 2,3 and 4 bedroom semi-detached and 3 and 4 bedroom detached houses.
  • All residents will have access to areas of open space, in the form of private rear gardens for houses and doorstop play areas for apartment blocks.
  • 30% will be affordable homes.
  • The majority of homes will range from 2-2.5 storeys in height, with some 3-storey apartment blocks around the site access and near to the landscaped parkway park.
  • A landscaped parkway to the West of New Haine Road providing open informal space located opposite the access into the site.
  • Up to 310 parking spaces, with off street parking provided on plots for the vast majority of houses with communal parking areas for apartment blocks and visitor parking.
  • Electric vehicle charging points installed on each plot with one electric vehicle space for every 10 parking spaces provided in communal parking areas.
  • Cycle parking will be provided throughout the development with houses having either provision for cycles in garages or in rear gardens alongside cycle storage for apartment blocks.

Here are a number of examples of the house types proposed for the site:

Proposed Site Plan for the Outline Element of the Application

Storey Height Plan
Click to Enlarge

The Outline element of our application, covering the second and third phases of development on the Site, are anticipated to deliver up to 296 homes, of which 30% are to be affordable. The illustrative masterplan indicates a way these sites could be delivered, to provide for a variety of types of home akin to that being proposed in the Full element.

The Outline application will be accompanied by a number of parameter plans establishing the principles which will be followed in subsequent applications for ‘Reserved Matters’ prior to development of these phases. These parameters will:

  • Define broad areas in which development will take place;
  • Define broad areas in which public open space and landscaping will be provided, including the location of the landscaped parkway, East of New Haine Road;
  • Identifying development will predominately be up to 2-storeys in height, with provision for some 2.5-storey and 3-storey elements in certain locations; and
  • Confirm locations for vehicular, cycle and pedestrian access into, within and across the Site.

Proposed Landscape Improvements

Landscaped Parkway

The landscaped parkway is the key green infrastructure route for the site. Our intention is to deliver the East-West landscaped parkway in two phases. Phase 1 is included in our Full application and forms the pedestrian and  cycle route between New Haine Road and Haine Road.

The indicative plan shows one of the ways that this space could come forward. Our intention is to provide  a varied recreational area to perform multiple functions allowing for play, relaxation and environmental gains. We will seek to deliver amenity space, children’s play facilities and important drainage and ecological enhancements to allow plants, trees and wildlife to thrive. Native tree and shrub planting would also form a natural frontage to New Haine Road.

The Outline element seeks consent for phase 2 of the parkway and to determine the  location of its continuation to the East of New Haine Road. Our intention is that when this section comes forward it will complete the  East-West link between Haine Road, New Haine Road and Jackey Bakers Sports Ground. The indicative location of this section is indicated below and details of possible features that could come forward are highlighted.

Linear Open Space Plan
Indicative plan showing Landscaped Parkway (click to enlarge)

Frontage to New Haine Road

The design of the proposed development has the potential to assist in reducing the severance created by New Haine Road in the landscape. We intend on providing substantial landscape planting, focused on the junction of the road and the landscaped parkway. The landscape planting would facilitate a crossing point to encourage wildlife habitat linkages and would also provide screening between the houses that front the landscaped parkway and the road itself. Larger apartment blocks set along the road would also help to establish a stronger sense of enclosure and separation from the road within the development.

Illustration of landscape buffer
Illustration of landscaped buffer
Illustration of apartment blocks
Illustration of how apartment blocks could reduce exposure to New Haine Road


How many homes are proposed?

Up to 471 new homes are proposed to be built here.

Will there be any affordable homes?

Yes, 30% of the new homes will be delivered as affordable homes.

What is the breakdown for the affordable homes? Will these homes be available to buy or rent at an affordable level or will they be for social rent from the Council or a housing association?

This is to be confirmed by Thanet District Council but will include a range of affordable types, most probably for shared ownership or subsidised ownership, potentially including starter homes and social rent housing.

Will the affordable homes for social rent be Council owned?

The homes will not be owned by Thanet District Council.  We understand that the Council have a list of registered providers in the area and once a decision has been made regarding the planning application we would then seek to enter into an agreement with a registered provider to ensure the long-term care and management of these properties for the new residents.

When will you start on site? How long will it take to build?

This is very much dependant on the progress of the planning application.  However, we would hope to be in a position to start on site as soon as we can once a planning approval is issued.  There may be further surveys or investigative works required before we can start house building.  Once we are in a position to commence works on the homes themselves then we would hope to be able to deliver 50 new homes per year.

Why are you putting forward plans for this site?

The site is part of the Eurokent allocation in Thanet District Council’s adopted Local Plan confirming its suitability for development. Our proposals seek to deliver much needed homes which form part of the allocation and will help to meet the Council’s housing needs.

When will you be submitting the planning application?

We intend to submit an application early in 2021.

What type of homes are proposed? Will there be any apartments?

A range of housing needs are identified within the local plan and realised in the design proposals. The mix of housing consists of:

  • 2 Bed apartments
  • 2 & 3 Bed / Semi Detached
  • 3 & 4 Bed detached

An affordable housing provision of 30% of the total number of dwelling is accommodated on site and consists of

  • 1 & 2 Bed apartments
  • 2, 3 & 4 Bed / Semi detached

How will vehicles access the development?

Vehicles will access from a roundabout junction on New Haine Road.

How much traffic will the scheme generate?

A detailed Transport Assessment will be submitted with the planning application which will consider traffic generation and any impact on the local network.

How many car parking spaces will there be?

310 parking spaces are to be provided for the Full element of the application, in accordance with the Council’s and Kent County Council’s adopted policy requirements. Alongside this, electric vehicle charging point per home with parking within its curtilage and one electric vehicle space for every 10 parking spaces provided in communal parking areas.

Parking for the Outline element will also be in accordance with the Council’s and Kent County Council’s adopted policy requirements.

How many cycle parking spaces will there be for the apartments?

Cycle parking will be provided throughout the development with houses having either provision for cycles in garages or in rear gardens alongside cycle storage for apartment blocks. Again, this will be provided at levels in accordance with the Council’s and Kent County Council’s adopted policy requirements.

Will there be electric car charging points?

For phase one of the development there will be one electric vehicle charging point per home with parking within its curtilage and one electric vehicle space for every 10 parking spaces provided in communal areas (i.e. apartments).

For the second phase (the outline application) electric car charging points will be to a level which is policy compliant.

What about wildlife and ecology?

Wildlife and habitat surveys have been completed and have confirmed that the site is formed mainly of intensively farmed arable farmland with some small hedgerows and field boundaries.

The development design will retain, protect and enhance the majority of existing hedgerows.  New native species rich hedgerow planting will create a linked green corridor to the western boundary of the development. The landscaped parkway will create a new East to West green corridor and will include areas of high quality habitats created for the benefit of biodiversity such as native species rich wildflower meadows, native woodland and hedge planting, and will include bat and bird boxes to provide new roosting and nesting opportunities.  These measures will ensure the development delivers new and enhanced places for biodiversity to use and live in over the long term.

Have Your Say

The consultation period on this scheme has now finished, however there will be a further opportunity for you to comment on the scheme once we have submitted our planning application and the Council start their own consultation period.

Please leave us your details if you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of this development.

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